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Trakia Highway was prolonged and repaired in several phases in the past decade and a half. As we all know, neither the repairs, nor most of the construction of new segments have turned out to be stable enough to endure heat waves with lots of trucks using the right lane.

This is a general problem, which concerns Sofia as well. The organization „Спаси София“ has been observing and criticizing many construction projects in the capital for years. The latest construction site they checked, was the one on Botevgradsko Chaussee.

What they found? Crooked curbs, poorly paved sidewalks, crumbling concrete. „Save Sofia“ says, if these issues are not repaired properly by the set September 15th deadline, the effect of those expensive repairs will not hold up too long. If everything falls apart, which really seems to be the case at this stage, all the funds will have been wasted.

According to „Save Sofia“, the repairs on Botevgradsko Chaussee, and Boulevard Vladimir Vazov, are the biggest construction project for Sofia Municipality this year. The price tag: 17 million Leva. The organization says, contractors were continuing to work in a very messy way. They called on Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova to have all defects repaired in a timely manner and to impose fines on contractors which do not work properly.

Apart from observing the city’s construction sites, „Save Sofia“ has been a strong advocate for the third Metro line, which is being constructed right now.