Spasi Sofia (translated Save Sofia) is a Bulgarian watchdog organization striving to identify the problems of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia and to propose adequate solutions and alternatives. We believe that Sofia can quickly become a well-arranged, modern, green, innovative and human city. We are led by the idea that the civil society must take much more significant part in the local governing not only by providing well presented ideas but also by being the so needed local watchdog.

Based on the successes achieved by the predecessor of Spasi Sofia – Spasi Metroto (Save the Subway), we are convinced that the positive changes and the transformation of our city into a modern european city is a much achievable goal. As a proof we can highlight only few of our successful projects which improved the urban environment or the public transport in Sofia – bringing back the third metro line underground, modifying a national legislative act enabling more BUS lanes not only in Sofia but in other cities as well, a new visual standard and signage for Sofia subway, drawing up a detailed proposal for implementing night public transport, bringing up the issue with the low quality reconstruction works made with public funds by the municipality, etc.

We are young, motivated, curious and resolute to continue our successful steps. Support us and help us improve our city in the best possible way! The action is in our hands – for a better Sofia!