The Subway is not the Only Solution to Sofia’s Transport Issues

Sofia is not the same after the last local elections last year and many residents see it. The municipality no longer has the media comfort from previous years, the citizens are much more proactive and demanding and the local authorities make mistakes one after another. The long repeated mantra that the subway is resolving all transport issues of the city is cracking and quickly proving wrong. Tramlines in the most polluted EU capital are being removed permanently making more space for cars. Residents from several neighbourhoods are protesting against municipality’s wrong policy in urban planning. It will be an interesting 2017 year.

A protest against the removal of a tramline in the centre of Sofia

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Andrej Zografski is a finansist and was born in Zagreb, former Yugoslavia but knows Sofia like the palm of his hand. He is well aware of all infrastructure issues and urban problems of Bulgaria’s capital but his main passion is the tram transport. Andrej lived and studied long years in Ljubljana, Slovenia - a model city for urban development, pedestrian priority for the local government and a well-planned and developed public transport network. Many of the issues that can be seen in Sofia were also present in Ljubljana where most of them were tackled extremely intelligently and sustainable.