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Spasi Sofia is a Bulgarian grassroot NGO which aims at improving the urban environment, the public transport and the quality of life in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Our watchdog organization has a mission to transform our city into a modern, neat and sustainable urban location which balances the interests of car drivers, pedestrians, public transport riders and bikers.

By supporting us this will help in:

  • further development of our current projects;
  • co-operation with experts from different fields of expertise;
  • organizing petitions, discussions and events;
  • financing informational campaigns;
  • attending international events and forums;
  • international exchange of ideas and experience with Bulgarian and foreign organizations, local authorities and institutions;
  • managing researches;
  • supporting our online resources;
  • spending more time on our projects;
  • looking for more partners.

Spasi Sofia is registered under the Spasi Bulgaria Foundation based on the Sofia City Court verdict on case 270/2016.



Boris Bonev was born in Sofia and lived 4 years in Paris. He has a bachelor degree in Management from Sofia University and a masters degree in Innovations and Technologies in the Sorbonne, Paris. Interested in all types of rail transportation since his early years, Boris is an active champion for expanding the rail system in Sofia, including metro, trams and urban trains. His dream is to see Sofia as an example for other cities - a modern, green and innovative city, with a well-developed public transportation, high quality infrastructure, competitive infrastructure policy and strict control over the reconstruction works. This would lead to less expenses, more effective city budget and much happier residents. According to Boris, Sofia is not rich enough to afford cheap overhauls and low quality repairs for numerous projects.