Night Public Transport

Did you know that Sofia is the last EU capital and one of the last major cities in whole Europe without a night public transport? Even the nearby Skopje with €150 mln annual budget has 9 night bus lines, Sofia – with its €750 mln budget for 2015, rejects every proposal for a night public transport. “The city does not have any necessity for such means of transport”, told us a manager in the local transport operator. We strongly disagree! Sofia is becoming more and more popular tourist destination, the number of people working night shifts is constantly increasing, the urban night life has a desperate need of alternative means of transportation as currently taxis are the only alternative to the personal car during night.

That´s why we have made a detailed proposal for the implementation of a night public transport in Sofia including exhaustive investigation of the previous failed attempts in 2008 and 2009, a map with the network of night buses, an effective schedule for the cars on each of the 7 lines that we propose, a project for a new transfer bus station where night riders can change the bus lines, a 30 min interval between cars, 35 neighbourhoods attended and enormous direct and indirect economic advantages for Sofia. The latter is supported by a financial analisys testing different scenarios and calculating the losses/profits for the municipality. The document was presented to the local transport operator and rejected as “economically not viable” and due to previous unsuccessful experience with the night public transport in Sofia.