Tramline Separators

Sofia has the slowest trams in whole Europe – 13,5 km/h on average against 19 km/h in Prague. Not only the catastrophic rail infrastructure is the reason for the low average speed but also the absence of tramline separators from the rest of the traffic. The separators do not require great investment and provide high performance and effective results. If Sofia Municipality decides to engage in this activity, this would boost significantly the attractiveness of the electric public transport which would result in a spillover effect for the passengers in the city – they would use a quickly going tramway instead of sitting in a car traffic during rush hour. Currently, this is not possible as car drivers never follow the rules not to drive on the tramlines and they often block the tracks for the trams.

Spasi Sofia has entered into contact with the municipality and the city transport operator in order to start already the implementation of the tram separators policy as the city is suffocating under car gases and needs urgently to improve its public transport. We firmly believe this would be the first step to improve the tram transport in Sofia. Our experience with foreign transport operators and separators producers give us an important leverage and impetus to bring this important for us initiative to its end.