Tourist Bus Lines

Vitosha has began to look more like abandoned area than a park bordering the “European Green Capital”. During the weekends the roads towards “our mountain” are packed with cars. Lack of adequate alternative for traveling to Vitosha mountain forces people to use cars and this slowly turns Vitosha from a park to a parking lot. To prevent this, we began the development concept for the transport to and from the Natural Park “Vitosha involving not only the buses, but the recovery of existing lifts, as well as integrating them with the transport system in Sofia.

The first part of this concept is the restoration of bus №61, which terminated at Zlatnite Mostove (Golden Bridges). If you share the idea that in the XXI-st century the city and nature are not separate areas of occurrence and if you believe that the restoration of bus line №61 will return public transport where it is needed, we will be very happy if you support it.