Kambanite Monument – The Forgotten Memorial

Kambanite (transl. the bells) Monument is a unique cultural and historic heritage site in the outskirts of Sofia and near Business Park Sofia. Built in 1979 and with the UN, UNESCO and UNICEF as its patrons, the monument became a business card for Bulgaria around the world before 1989 and a showcase for the biggest event for minors in the world – the International Children Assembly “A Peace Flag”.

After the political changes from 1989, the monument is dubbed a communist one and is on the verge of being demolished with a bulldozer. Sofia citizens saved it and today it is still intact but with damages on the bells, less park quadrature than before and much less known by the people.

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Hristo Iliev was born in Sofia and graduated European Studies in the University of Sofia with 3 spoken languages - English, French and Spanish and has a masters degree in Territorial Development from Madrid. Despite his initial idea to settle in Spain permanently, Hristo decides to come back to Bulgaria, charged with the enthusiasm to change the country so that it can be a better place to live in. For a start he decides to begin with Sofia. He is hooked on infrastructure and transportation since young, but only in the last few years he started dealing more actively with this problematic for Sofia area. Main goal - turn Sofia into a well-arranged and liveable city.