Vitosha – a Park or a Parking Lot?

Vitosha mountain has become more a scruffy territory than a well preserved natural park in the vicinities of Sofia. During the weekends cars are all over Vitosha and the lack of a reasonable transport alternative to the park results in its transformation into an enormous parking lot. If we add also the miserable conditions of the montain’s lift services, no wonder that there are rarely any tourists coming to visit the “lungs of Bulgaria’s capital”.

Sofia public transport lines to Vitosha – only two, always crowded, with huge intervals

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Peter Munnery is born in Sofia. He graduated from the National High School of Mathematics and Science. From a young age he is interested in the ways the transport in the city operates. Currently he is studying Logistics and Transport Management in Aston University – Birmingham. With the experience and knowledge gained he expects to go back home to Bulgaria and implement them in his plans to solve Sofia’s transport problems.