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Renovated Tsarigradsko Boulevard Falling Apart

| A Foreigners and Friends article | The newly renovated Tsarigradsko Chaussee does not look newly renovated. The Bulgarian watchdog “Spaci Sofia” (“Save Sofia”), an NGO which watches the infrastructure in the capital, sharply criticized the municipality yet again, for spending taxpayer’s money for bad road work.

More Diesel Buses for Suffocating Sofia

Why Sofia – the most polluted EU capital, continues favoring one of the cheapest public transport vehicles on the market with doubtful effectiveness and low eco-indexes? The last batch of new buses for Bulgaria’s capital – the Chinese Yutong, won the Sofia municipality auction only

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Spasi Sofia is a Bulgarian grassroot NGO which aims at improving the urban environment, the public transport and the quality of life in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Our watchdog organization has a mission to transform our city into a modern, neat and sustainable urban location which

Sofia’s Christmas Ghost

In the eve of the dearest, most bonding and colourful festive days, Sofia looks sad. Pedestrians in a hurry and numerous cars on the roads are heading to the only place where you can feel the Christmas spirit – the yet another mall in the

A Tale of Two Cities – Sofia and Tirana

| An article from Cities of the Future | A young mayor tackles one of Europe’s most polluted capitals As mayor of Tirana, Albania, Erion Veliaj has introduced alternatives modes of transport to the city’s traffic-clogged streets and made the public a full partner in the